How to Start Your Own Esports Team with Friends

How to Start Your Own Esports Team with Friends

The esports trend and buzz are unreal in the 21st century. Many people globally have started forming esports teams with friends and family members to compete professionally in various esports tournaments. 

The rise in this video game competition has also pushed people to bet on all-around apps like Lotus365. Are you also thinking of creating your own esports team? Here is a comprehensive guide to various steps to form a team and things to consider regarding team formation. 

Easy Steps to Get Started with Your Esports Team

Follow the tips below to start your esports team like a pro:

  • Budgeting & Assessing the Cost

Budgeting is one of the most crucial things to start with esports games. When building an esports team, different costs must be analyzed. These include sponsorships, players’ salaries, contracts, marketing, travel expenses, tournament fees, emergency expenses, and other petty expenses. 

Additionally, you must assess the money receipts from sponsorships and other sources to keep up with the costs. It is important to cover even the smallest of the expenses. 

  • Choosing a Practice or Meeting Spot

Planning, practising, team-building, and preparations are crucial elements of any esports team. You must set out a place where you can handle all these things. 

This place should contain computers, accessories, and relevant items needed for esports preparation. The size of these headquarters and the setup will depend on your budget. 

  • Game Selection 

The most crucial and success-defining decision is to choose the game in which your team will participate. The frontline choices will mostly include Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of Legends, etc. 

But, you should beware of these games’ competitiveness and difficulty level if you are a beginner. Your team could opt for off-beat and unusual games to start with so that you can cover up your initial expenses with the tournament win.

  • Selection of Main Team Members

You will need help selecting your friends’ best players to compete in a professional esports setup. While forming an esports team, you may miss out on some of your friends. But you can back them up for other games eventually. 

  • Brand Building and Esports Sponsorships

Another complex aspect of starting with an esports team and competitions is getting sponsorships and branding. Your performance and opportunities grow significantly when you get monetary resources from sponsors, 

The most common aspects of this area are brand name, logo, social media presence/engagement, advertising, etc. After a certain point, you can ask your knowns to bet on several apps like Lotus365 sports betting

  • Networking

Networking is a great exercise to grow your team faster. Coordination and networking become easier when you form a team with your friends. You can get more brand engagement through networking, and people will show more interest in your esports team. 


Apart from these quick tips and the team formation process, you must keep an eye on major tournaments worldwide. To gain success as a team, you will have to manage logistics, marketing, financial funding, tournament winnings, progress, player involvement, etc.